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About Ads

OneTracker shows ads to help maintain project sustainability, you can remove them for a small fee via in-app purchase and we recommend you to purchase the upgrade to support us directly.

  • We started OneTracker as an experimental project for us to learn how to build and operate a useful online service and mobile app. We spent about 6 months before we launched the first beta version and since then, our user base has grown a lot, exceeding our expectations.

  • Automatic package tracking is a complex process. It requires communication with many carrier systems and relies on continuous maintenance to keep it working. Carrier systems don't allow us to track as many packages as we want and we have to put in a lot of efforts to provide timely notification for the majority of our users. These optimizations require ongoing development work.

  • As the number of users grow, our system requires more processing power, data storage space and other resources. The cost of running the system keeps increasing.

  • We are committed to protect our users' privacy and we never sell user data, even if that means we will need to shutdown the service eventually.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope this will help us to build more useful features for OneTracker in the future.