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Planned Features

Last updated: March 2021

Following are some of the main features that are on our roadmap. We are unable to provide any ETA at this time.

Feature Status
Web interface (for browser access on desktop computers) In development (access)
Add support for more carriers Ongoing
Dark mode Available for Android 10+ and iOS

Following are some of the features that may not be implemented soon:

  • Widgets

    Widgets are not trivial to implement due to our choice of tech stack. We think it is currently not the best feature to spend our limited resources on.

  • Set package description automatically from emails

    In many cases it's difficult to decide what to extract from emails. For example, shipping notification email subjects are often very long (hard to display in the app) and sometimes don't contain very useful information (e.g. Your order #111-6384839-5215270 has shipped, Your UNIQLO order has shipped! #UNU16629253, etc.).

    It is technically possible to figure out what items have been shipped from the email text, but it requires much more work than detecting tracking numbers as tracking numbers have relatively more predictable formats. We have very limited resources and would like to limit the app's scope. Most shopping organizer apps do this well, like Shop or Slice.

    The app does have the ability to detect the vendor name, if the original email sender's address is preserved. This can be achieved by using Gmail and set up an automatic forwarding rule (manual forwarding changes the sender).