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Instructions for Gmail

🖥️ A desktop browser is required to set up forwarding rules on Gmail.

1. Find your forwarding address

  • Open OneTracker app on your phone, sign in to your account (or sign up if don't have one).

  • Tap the "cog" (settings) button, then Automatic tracking, you will see and be able to copy the forwarding address.

2. Setup forwarding rule

  • Open Gmail in a desktop browser, click on the "cog" on upper-right, select Settings.


  • In Forwarding tab, click Add a forwarding address, enter your forwarding address and submit, Gmail will send a confirmation code to that address.


  • Open settings, then Automatic tracking, tap View received emails, you should see an email with the confirmation code. Enter the code in Gmail settings.

  • ⚠️ Make sure you select Disable forwarding here, otherwise it will forward all emails to OneTracker.

  • Select Filters and Blocked Addresses tab in Gmail settings, click Create a new filter, enter shipped OR shipment OR delivery in Has the words then click Create filter.

    Of course, you can also change the conditions according to your tracking and privacy preferences. You can use the Search button to test if your filter is working as expected.


  • ⚠️ Please make sure you configured the filter properly, otherwise it may forward all emails to OneTracker.

  • Check Forward it to and select the forwarding address. Click Create filter to finish.


  • Your packages should be automatically added from now on.


Your privacy is protected. See here.


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