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Frequently Asked Questions

Why my package status is "Data not yet available"?

Sometimes carriers don't return any data when the package is in an early stage, or our system needs time to fetch data from carrier's system. If you believe that the tracking ID is correct, please wait for the status to be updated, or check your information on the carrier's website. Feel free to contact us if you need help.

Why does the app update slower than the carrier's website?

At peak times, our system performs updates on over a million packages per day. To make push notifications possible and ensure a fast user experience, our system fetches data from carriers' systems on different schedules depending on the status of packages.

For packages that are in early stages, the system updates them every few hours. For packages that are out for delivery or close to estimated delivery date, it updates much more frequently.

The average update delay:

Package status Average delay
Early stage 3 hours
Close to delivery 15 minutes

Why I don't receive or receive late notifications compare to other tracking apps?

By default OneTracker only notifies you when it detects a status change on your package (e.g. form Pre transit to In transit, In transit to Out for delivery, etc.).

You can choose to receive all updates of your packages when you are adding or editing a package.

See the previous question for more information on how we refresh data from carriers.

How do I track Amazon packages?

We have removed support for tracking Amazon packages, see here for more information.

What is email forwarding? How is my data used?

Email forwarding allows OneTracker to add packages to your account when you forward emails manually or with forwarding rules to a unique address that comes with your account.

While many automatic package tracking apps require you to grant unrestricted access to your emails, we don't ask for that access and our system only receives the emails you forwarded. The system permanently removes any received email that doesn't contain tracking information after 7 days.

Also, we do not sell your email data to any third parties or use your data for any promotions, etc.

Why I don't see my packages after setting up a forwarding rule?

First, we recommend you to check if the email was actually forwarded to your account. Go to Settings -> View received emails and check if the email can be found there.

If you can find the email and it contains the tracking number, that means our system was not able to process the email, please forward your email to We will be happy to help and we are constantly improving our email processing system. In the meantime, you can copy and paste the tracking ID to manually add it in the app.

Why does the map show wrong locations?

Our system receives the name of event locations, such as city and state/province. The system uses Google Geocoding API to convert location names into coordinates. In some cases, the carrier only provides city names, which are ambiguous, or sometimes only provide a foreign postal code without other information.

App shows wrong carrier for the tracking ID I entered

Tracking IDs are often ambiguous and sometimes carriers even share same IDs. The app tries to detect the most probable carrier, but can't guarantee accuracy.

My package is missing or delivered to the wrong address

OneTracker is an independent package tracking app and we are not affiliated with any carriers. If you have delivery issues, please contact your carrier directly, we cannot help with these issues.