Removing Support for Amazon Logistics Packages

Posted: 2019-07-07

Since the launch of OneTracker app, we supported tracking of Amazon Logistics packages to provide more complete service for U.S. users. Unfortunately, we have decided to stop maintaining support for this carrier due to the following reasons:

  • Only a small number of users track Amazon Logistics using OneTracker (< 1%) when this feature was working.

  • Amazon doesn't provide a reliable interface to 3rd parties for tracking Amazon Logistics packages. It's the carrier that requires most work to maintain among all carriers. Currently all our engineers work on this app part-time and we would like to use our resources on developing more interesting features.

  • The official Amazon mobile app provides superior tracking features for their packages and supports timely notifications, including showing delivery truck locations for some packages.

We may consider adding Amazon support back if any of the above changes in the future. If you have suggestions or questions, please reach out to us.