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Ads in Upcoming Versions

Posted: 2020-04-28

In March 2020, we added ads in OneTracker and an in-app purchase to remove them and enable potential future premium features (announcement here). To minimize user impact, we currently display ads to less than 5% of users, and on one screen only.

We want to be transparent to our users so we are sharing the details of our plan to increase ads display in upcoming versions:

  • This plan has no impact on users who purchased the premium upgrade. Paying users will never see any ads in OneTracker in any version.

  • Starting with version 0.5.0 (which will be released in the next few days), we will be displaying ads more frequently to more users.

  • Users are free to choose to stay at current versions to reduce the chance of seeing ads, but since ads display is random, users who have not seen ads may still see them in older versions.

  • We constantly make changes to the app and server and old app versions will eventually be incompatible with the latest server version and become unusable.

  • We are struggling to generate enough revenue to keep this service running and develop new features. We hope you support us by either purchasing the upgrade (preferred) or keeping the app up-to-date (more ads).

Thank you for understanding! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by sending a message from the app or email